Get a loan against your watch from the leading Pawnbrokers in Romford

When you are short of cash, getting a loan against your luxury watch is always a good option. Luxury watches are renowned for their brand history, associations, quality, precision and others factors, thereby enabling them to retain their value well over the time. Thus, you can decide to pawn your luxury watch and opt for a collateral loan from any trustworthy pawnbrokers Romford, like the experts at Golden Cash, to raise the credit amount you need.

However, the loan amount that you are likely to secure for your watch will depend on many factors like the brand, model, age, condition, authenticity and its current market value. The value of new watch models may be high, but an old timepiece in mint condition can worth even more in many instances. Moreover, if your watch has any association with celebrities or noteworthy people, its value may increase significantly.

Golden Cash pawnbrokers have many years of experience in the pawnbroking industry. We understand both the historical and monetary significance of luxury watches manufactured by prestigious brands like Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and many others. This enables us to assess the actual value of luxury timepieces in less than no time and make a competitive cash loan offer right away.

Determining the value of your luxury watch

There are many aspects that we look at when determining the value of a luxury watch. While the factors like the manufacturer, model, rarity, and age may add to the value of a watch, the condition of your timepiece can significantly influence the credit amount you are likely to obtain when pawning your watch with Golden Cash Romford pawnbrokers.

Luxury watches that are in good working condition and have no scratches, blemishes, dents or other damages are the most valuable. However, if your watch has any replacement part, it will reduce its overall value.

Here at Golden Cash, our expert team will examine each aspect of your timepiece precisely to verify its authenticity and determine its actual value. The original box, papers and other documents like servicing papers (if any) may also contribute a lot when you opt for a loan against your watch. We may look at these records before making a final cash loan offer.

For those who are looking to take out a loan against watches from a leading pawnbroker in Romford or anywhere within the Essex, here is the best deal:

Walk into our shop at The Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford, Essex with your watch, get it appraised and receive a competitive cash loan offer on the spot.

When it comes to valuation, one of the factors we foremost consider is the watch’s manufacturer. A luxury watch manufacturer like Rolex is universally recognised and highly admired as well as respected due to its compelling history and innovations. While Rolex watches keep hold of their value for generations, getting a loan for a Rolex watch can be more convenient than securing a loan for other luxury watches.

Experts at Golden Cash will evaluate the value of your timepiece by looking at its condition, rarity, age, celebrity association (if any) and the associated paperwork that may add value.

We will determine the overall value of your luxury watch considering all these factors combined and eventually, the amount of credit loan you can borrow from us.

Thus, bring your watch that you are interested in pawning with Golden Cash pawnbrokers at our Romford shop any time during opening hours and get a cash loan offer right away without any credit check. If you accept our offer, we will pay you in cash immediately.