Want to Raise Instant Cash? Pawn your Asset Here!

If you need access to fast cash but do not want to part ways with your asset, consider using it as collateral for a pawn loan.

Whether it is a luxury watch or a diamond jewellery item, simply bring it to the trusted pawnbrokers at Golden Cash and unlock its value securing an instant loan against it.

The process is quick, secure and straightforward. We will assess the asset that you want to pawn immediately and make you a competitive cash loan offer on the spot.

If you accept it, sign a pledge receipt and get your cash instantly on hand.

Thus, if you are short on cash and looking for trusted pawnbrokers in Romford or anywhere in the Essex to pawn a luxury watch or jewellery, visit our shop today at The Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford with the collateral.

You do not have to book an appointment before visiting our shop.

Today, more and more people are utilising the services provided by pawnbrokers. Thus, we at Golden Cash are always working to make the process smoother than ever.

With a secure online platform, we also provide our customers with a quick and convenient way to pawn luxury assets online from the comfort of home or any other places.

Fill up our simple online form with all the details of your asset and get a free loan quote immediately.

Or call on 01708 751518 now to speak to one of our associates at our Romford shop. We will be happy to answer all the questions you have on how to pawn your watch or jewellery and raise the cash you need.

Here we have jotted down the answers to some common questions that you may have when pawning your asset(s) with us.

What items can I pawn with Golden Cash pawnbrokers?

The assets that we at Golden Cash accept as collateral for a pawn loan are –

  • Luxury watches of top brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and more.
  • Diamond jewellery – Both branded and non-branded items
  • Gold jewellery, gold coins.

How does the process work?

When you bring in your asset to us at our Romford shop, our expert evaluators will appraise it immediately with the utmost attention.

We will consider all the essential factors, verify all the details provided and confirm the authenticity of your collateral. We will make you our final cash loan offer based on the item’s current market price.

If you accept your final offer, we will pay you instantly in cash or via your preferred method of payment. The process is quick and hassle-free.

However, you can also pawn your watch or jewellery online with us.

Fill up our online form, providing all information on your watch and get a free loan quote right away.

If you are happy with it and want to proceed with the process, send your asset to us via a specialised and insured delivery envelope that we arrange for you.

  • Once we receive it, we will appraise it precisely to determine our final price.
  • One of our associates will contact you via email or phone to confirm our final cash loan offer.
  • Accept it and get paid within minutes via your preferred payment method.

At Golden Cash, our maximum loan term is usually six to seven months. However, you can redeem your collateral any time by paying off the original loan amount and the interest due.

How do we determine your final credit loan offer?

As one of the most trusted pawnbrokers in Essex, we at Golden Cash always aim to offer you the best price against your asset.

Our expert evaluators determine a fair and honest price of a luxury watch or jewellery item considering many factors.

The factors include your asset’s brand, condition, metal, gemstone, box and papers, and current market price.

We work with some of the best evaluators who have years of experience and knowledge of luxury watches and precious jewellery.

Thus, you can rest assured you will secure the highest possible amount of cash loan against your watch or jewellery piece.

Do I have to pay any monthly charges?

If you agree to enter a transaction with us, you will not have to pay any monthly charges until your loan term completes.

Our loan term is for six to seven months, and all you have to do is make a single payment at the end of the contract.

Moreover, we charge interests for the loan months only you borrow for. This means –

If you borrow cash for a month, you will pay interest in one month only when you come to redeem your asset and so on.

However, you can pay back the loan any time within the loan period. Pay off the original loan amount along with interest due and retrieve your collateral.

Are there any hidden or additional charges?

No. We do not have any hidden or additional charges that you have to pay for entering a transaction with us.

Golden Cash offers an entirely upfront and transparent service to all customers who are looking to pawn and even, sell their luxury assets to us.

Simply, bring in your asset to us, and we will lend you the best possible price for it without any credit checks or obligation.

Thus, for those who are looking to raise fast cash, get in touch with Golden Cash pawnbrokers in Romford today and pawn your watch or jewellery.

We can assure that you will obtain the best possible amount of credit loan against it within a few minutes.

However, whether you are looking for trusted “pawnbrokers in Ilford” or “pawnbrokers Dagenham”, visit our Romford shop at The Liberty Shopping Centre straight with the item you want to pawn.

From visiting our shop with your asset to getting paid, the entire process may take as little as a few hours to complete.

Call on 01708 751518 now for any enquiry on our pawnbroking service.