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Get quick cash with a pawnbroker loan at Golden Cash Pawnbrokers in Ilford. You can pawn gold and other valuables and receive cash immediately! Get in touch with us today.

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    Ilford Pawnbrokers brings you immediate loan facility for luxury watches, jewellery and gold items. Please visit our shop in Romford, Essex or contact one of our expert evaluators.

    Golden Cash Pawnbrokers

    For those who are looking to ‘pawn my watch’, ‘pawn jewellery’ or get a loan against gold, get in touch with the most trustworthy pawnbrokers in Ilford. We, at Golden Cash Pawnbrokers, can provide you with an accurate valuation and a cash loan offer justify away without any hassle.

    If you want to pawn Rolex watch, expert evaluators at the Golden Cash will assess your asset precisely and determine its best possible value. As one of the leading pawnbrokers in Ilford, we take the time to evaluate each aspect of your Rolex Watch and provide a highly competitive cash loan offer based on the current market prices.

    Our pawnbroking process is quick, simple and secure. Visit our shop today at The Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford, Essex to pawn your asset and get paid in cash right away without any obligation. Or, call us on 01708 751518 and speak to one of our experts at our Romford Shop.









    £5001 – £20000

    £1000 – £5000

    £300 – £999









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    Pawn Your Rolex in Ilford

    Want to pawn a Rolex Watch? One of the leading pawnbrokers Ilford is right here to make the process easy and fast for you. Experienced evaluators, at Golden Cash, will lend on any Rolex watch.

    Golden Cash Pawnbrokers in Ilford aim to offer the best price to the customers interested to pawn their Rolex. We assure to keep your Rolex securely within the contract time. You are free to contact us 01708 751518 to get a free appraisal on your Rolex watch or request for a valuation online today.

    Pawn your Jewellery in Ilford

    You can pawn a diamond ring, engagement or wedding ring or any kind of diamond jewellery. We aim to provide the maximum credit amount for any diamond jewellery along with expert advice.

    Golden Cash Pawnbrokers manages each loan transaction quickly and securely and guarantees to keep your pawned asset secure within the loan period.

    Pawn your Gold in Ilford

    If you are looking to raise money by pawning your gold jewellery, just bring them to us. We will provide you with a cash loan on the spot.

    We work with utmost dedication when dealing with every loan against gold items. As experienced pawnbrokers in Ilford, we believe in providing you with the best service and aim to pay top prices for your gold pieces.

    Why Choose Us?

    Do you want to pawn your jewellery or get a loan against your luxury watches? As long-established high street pawnbrokers, we render a simple, and straightforward way to pawn your luxury assets for the best possible amount of cash loan when you visit our shop in Romford, Essex.

    Here at Golden Cash, we work with some of the most professional evaluators, who possess the substantial market knowledge and necessary expertise to determine a fair value of a precious item and eventually, offer the highest credit loan amount possible for it.

    With many years of experience in this industry, we look forward to carrying out a professional valuation and make a genuine offer for the luxury items that customers are interested in pawning with Golden Cash.

    You can get your valuables back at any time by returning your pledge receipt and paying what you owe under the agreement. You have up to seven months to redeem your loan.


    A Loan Of £500 Against A Necklace, Redeemed After 1 Month

    Loan £500

    Total interest for one month £35.00

    Total repayment £535.00

    Monthly interest 7%

    APR 125.22%

    A Loan Of £6000 Against A Rolex Watch, Redeemed After 3 Months

    Loan £6000

    Total interest for three months £900

    Total repayment £6900

    Monthly interest 5%

    APR 79.6%

    A Loan Of £12000 Against A Rolex Watch, Redeemed After 1 Month

    Loan £12000

    Total interest for one month £600

    Total repayment £12600

    Monthly interest 5%

    APR 79.6%

    How Can I Pawn My Luxury Asset?

    Before you begin searching online ‘how to get loan against gold jewellery?’ or ‘where can I pawn my watch online?’ it is essential for you to establish the actual value of your pre-owned asset.

    An initial appraisal may help you to know the characteristics of your item and its overall value in the second hand market. You can also establish the price that professional pawnbrokers in Ilford or anywhere in the UK are willing to lend you for it.

    While choosing a reliable high street pawnbroker to pawn your asset may ensure to return you the best value in the second hand market, it will also allow you to carry out the pawnbroking process in confidence with the security and safety you require.

    Our evaluators are always on hand to assess your luxury asset explicitly, considering all the essential aspects and offer competitive prices, using their expert knowledge.

    Whether you have decided to raise cash for gold or get a loan against jewellery and watches, we at Golden Cash can help to make the process comfortable and convenient for you.

    Simply, visit our shop at The Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford, Essex today with the asset you are interested to pawn with Golden Cash Pawnbrokers and get your cash loan offer that is possibly the best in the market.

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