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Sell Watches in Romford

We are Essex's leading watch buyers. We pay instant cash for your watch. Want to sell your watch? We aim to pay top prices for prestigious brands.

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Sell Your Watch

Are you wondering, ‘Where can I sell my watch?’ or ‘Where to sell watches?’ Visit our shop at The Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford, Essex and obtain a competitive quote from the most trustworthy watch buyers immediately without any obligation.

At Golden Cash, we understand the actual value of watches produced by prestigious brands like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling and many more. Our watch specialists have years of experience and requisite market knowledge to carry out an accurate valuation process justify away and make a fair offer.

As one of the leading watch buyers in Romford, we assess every aspect of a second hand watch that customers are interested in selling and offer a competitive value based on the current market prices.

If you decide to sell your watch and raise some quick cash, bring your luxury watch to us along with all relevant documents, get it appraised and obtain the fairest value for your asset. You do not have to arrange an appointment before visiting our shop.



Call, WhatsApp, email or visit Golden Cash Pawnbrokers and provide us with as much information as you can on your watch for an accurate valuation (no obligation!). Get an instant quote from one of our team members. If you are happy with your valuation, bring the watch into us or send it to us and the amount will be paid to you in cash or BACS (whichever you prefer) immediately.

How Can I Sell My Watch?

For those who are looking to ‘sell my watch’, ‘sell watches’, or ‘sell Rolex’, it is always essential to choose a professional and trusted watch buyer for making the process simpler and more convenient.

If you want to get an initial price quote before selling your watch at Golden Cash, you can:

  • Fill up our online form – Providing us with all details of your asset as much as you can, including its brand, model, age, condition, original box and papers (if yet in possession), servicing papers or certificate (if any). Besides, make sure to attach high-quality photographs
  • Get your price quote by email or phone
  • Bring your luxury watch for a more detailed assessment at our Romford shop, Essex
  • Accept our final offer, and we will pay you immediately.

Here at Golden Cash Pawnbrokers, we are backed by a professional team of evaluators that allow us to render a competitive offer when you sell your watch. We determine an accurate value of a luxury watch considering its brand, model, and more significantly, condition.

While the original box and certificate of your pre-owned watch will help you to secure a higher price, any damage in any part of your timepiece including scratches, blemishes or missing links may directly influence the final price that we are willing to lend you for it.

Whether you choose to fill up our online form to obtain an initial quote before selling your watch or visit our Romford shop at The Liberty Shopping Centre straight to carry out the proceedings in-person, the choice is yours. We will make sure to make the process fast, transparent and comfortable.

For those who are trying to establish the actual value of your watch in the current market, get in touch with one of our watch specialists today visiting us in Romford. Our experts are always on hand to evaluate every aspect of a luxury watch explicitly and determine its accurate value based on the current market condition.

Thus, customers from nearby locations within Essex including Brentwood, Basildon, Colchester, Barking, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Ilford, and Leyton can walk into our shop at The Liberty Shopping Centre in Romford today to 'sell watches' and get paid in cash immediately.

To know more about our service or get expert advice, call us on 01708 751518 and speak to one of our buying experts at Romford Shop.

Sell My Watch for Cash

When you decide to sell your watch for cash, choosing a reliable place to sell watches is always necessary for releasing the best value of your luxury watch in the resale market. With the trusted watch buyers at Golden Cash, you can sell your watch with full confidence, be it is a Rolex watch, a Cartier, an Omega or any other luxury timepiece. We have been trading in the second hand watch industry for many years and are willing to offer the most competitive and fairest price for any authenticated and genuine luxury pre-owned timepieces.

Whether you want to ‘sell my watch’, ‘sell luxury watches’, ‘sell second hand watches’, or ‘sell watches’, we will make the process simple, fast and straightforward. Visit our Romford Shop today and sell your watch for the best price possible in the market.

Sell My Rolex

Rolex is one of the leading names in the luxury wristwatch industry, continually associated with superior quality, artistry and collectability. While the manufacturer uses precious metal and high-end technological components to produce a perfect watch, Rolex watches tend to retain a good resale value over the time, making them highly desirable among the watch collectors and potential watch buyers across the world.

The watch specialist team at Golden Cash understands the monetary significance of a luxury watch like Rolex. With our comprehensive market knowledge and constant monitoring of changing market prices, we provide our customers with a professional valuation and eventually, a final price offer that is ideally the best in the market.

If you are interested in ‘sell Rolex’, ‘Sell Rolex watches’, ‘Sell Rolex London’ or ‘sell vintage Rolex’, visit our shop in Romford, Essex with your watch along with its documents (if any) to complete the transaction and obtain the price that you expect for it.

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